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Automated Content Protection

Stop theft. Capture revenue. Increase profits.

Piracy is complex, creates significant financial loss, and is hard to enforce. Recover lost revenue and protect your content with automated piracy detection, DMCA takedown requests, and real-time livestream shutdown for pirated live events.

100% Coverage
Comprehensive coverage across 1B+ URLs, 20+ social platforms & 100s of marketplaces
Over 100 Million Titles
Covered to detect piracy and automate takedowns
Over 90% Success
Typical takedown success rate across all social media channels
5 Seconds
Average time to send Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices

Redflag AI is a market leader in cutting edge digital piracy and automated content protection solutions

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Powerful protection for your brand, copyrights, and intellectual property

Redflag AI's solutions address common causes of lost revenue:
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