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Piracy causes significant damage to reputation and revenue for content creators.

Protect your creations wherever they live

Authenticity Assurance
Defend your brand equity with Redflag AI. Cutting-edge technology expedites the detection and takedown of pirated video streams, ensuring your content retains its originality.
Revenue Protection
Guard your hard-earned revenue. Extensive monitoring and takedown enforcement ensures you can contonue capitalizing on your streaming channel revenue streams for years to come.
Innovation Safekeeping
Nurture the creativity that enables your success. Redflag AI's anti-piracy solution allows you to quicky catch thieves misrepresenting your content, letting you maintain control over your unique content and streaming channels.

The Creation of


What content is pirated?
Online content and streaming channels have become a lucrative earning opportunity. Stealing your content provides thieves a steady income without the costs, and compromises your brand, income, and innovation. Redflag Al safeguards your original creations, allowing you to take back control of your business.
Where does piracy happen?
Digital thieves hide in plain site virtually anywhere valuable content exists for consumption. Streaming platforms are an easy target for criminals who can download and redistribute nearly any video, anytime. Redflag Al's automated piracy solution exposes these crooks of regardless where they hide.
Faster, simpler anti-piracy.
Redflag Al's automated piracy technology expedites the detection and takedown of infringements, allowing you to regain control of revenue streams. Simplifying your anti-piracy program lets you refocus on creating unique content and engaging with your audience.
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Redflag AI's piracy detection and takedown solution stops theft, captures lost revenue, and increases profits.

Redflag AI's benefits:

Automate detection and takedown icon
Automate detection and takedown
Evade crawl-prevention tactics icon
Evade crawl-prevention tactics
One vendor icon
One vendor
Monitor evolving landscapes icon
Monitor evolving landscapes
Reach the cyberlocker icon
Reach the cyberlocker

Full protection spanning:

1B+ websites and search engines icon
1B+ websites and search engines
20+ social platforms icon
20+ social platforms
Audiobooks, podcasts, and IPFS icon
Audiobooks, podcasts, and IPFS
Thousands of piracy domains icon
Thousands of piracy domains
100s of marketplaces and app stores icon
100s of marketplaces and app stores
All major forms of content: audio, visual, text, images icon
All major forms of content: audio, visual, text, images

The Story of Content Protection with Redflag AI

Detect icon
Uncover piracy with leading-edge detection. Our technology spots and catalogs unauthorized content with unmatched precision.
Notify icon
Stay informed with actionable insights, keeping you a step ahead in the fight against piracy.
Eliminate icon
Automated takedown removes unauthorized content, preserving your revenue and content exclusivity.
Monitor icon
Rest easy knowing continuous monitoring protects your content against emerging threats.
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