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Protect Your Brand with Redflag AI

Unauthorized sellers and retailers cause significant damage to retailers, with fraud costing the industry $50B each year.

Ensure authenticity in every transaction

Product Authenticity
Combat counterfeiters with Redflag AI. We help to ensure that every item sold under your brand's name meets the high standards your customers expect.
Retail Integrity
Preserve your brand's reputation and pricing strategy. Proactive monitoring and enforcement maintain the integrity of your retail offerings across all digital channels.
Brand Protection
Your brand is your signature — keep it real. Target and eliminate fake listings and unauthorized sellers, protecting your brand equity and customer loyalty.

Fundamentals of Online Retail Defense

What type of content is at risk?
Every genuine product listing is a target for counterfeit replication. Advanced algorithms work tirelessly to detect and defend against these threats.
Where is brand integrity compromised?
From third-party marketplaces to obscure e-commerce sites, Redflag AI protects your brand's presence across the entire online retail landscape.
Protection that never sleeps.
With each click and every sale, ensure that only authentic, approved merchandise carries your brand’s name. Redflag AI offers protection, ensuring your revenue and reputation is secured 24/7.
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Redflag AI's piracy detection and takedown solution stops theft, captures lost revenue, and increases profits.

Redflag AI's benefits:

Automate detection and takedown icon
Automate detection and takedown
Evade crawl-prevention tactics icon
Evade crawl-prevention tactics
One vendor icon
One vendor
Monitor evolving landscapes icon
Monitor evolving landscapes
Reach the cyberlocker icon
Reach the cyberlocker

Full protection spanning:

1B+ websites and search engines icon
1B+ websites and search engines
20+ social platforms icon
20+ social platforms
Audiobooks, podcasts, and IPFS icon
Audiobooks, podcasts, and IPFS
Thousands of piracy domains icon
Thousands of piracy domains
100s of marketplaces and app stores icon
100s of marketplaces and app stores
All major forms of content: audio, visual, text, images icon
All major forms of content: audio, visual, text, images

The Landscape of Retail Protection with Redflag AI

Spot the Fakes icon
Spot the Fakes
Spot discrepancies in listings, flag counterfeits and protect your brand's authenticity.
Enforce Compliance icon
Enforce Compliance
Maintain control over your brand narrative with MAP compliance and authorized selling practices.
Execute Takedowns icon
Execute Takedowns
Assert your brand's authority with rapid takedown of unauthorized listings, re-enforcing the legitimacy of the retail space.
Monitor Consistency icon
Monitor Consistency
Constant surveillance ensures consistent brand presentation and a trustworthy shopping experience for your customers.
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